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Our Mission and Vision


Tuacahn edifies and inspires the human spirit through professional world class family entertainment and an unparalleled artistic experience that matches the majesty of our canyon.



  • To produce quality entertainment of the highest professional standards that promote family values, uplift the human spirit and enrich the human mind.
  • To provide exceptional arts and academic education for young people through the Tuacahn High School for the performing arts.
  • To conduct business in an ethically sound and fiscally responsible manner.
  • To serve the widest possible audience through theatrical work that passionately explores, celebrates, and deepens our understanding of the human experience.
  • To create outstanding performance through the integration of local, regional, and experienced professional artists.
  • To convey the American Musical tradition to subsequent generations through exposure, education, and employment, thereby creating artists and audiences for generations to come.
  • To honor and support our community through the creation of theater that reflects all that is American and all that is wholesome.
  • To receive worldwide recognition as a premier theatrical destination, encouraging the creation of great works that match the majesty of our “Canyon of the Gods” location.


Excerpt From the Bylaws of Tuacahn Center for the Arts


Section 1.2 - Purposes
The specific purposes and objectives of the Corporation include, without limitation, the following:

1.2.1 To develop, promote, and encourage in the general public a more complete understanding and appreciation of the performing and fine arts in their many forms by means of indoor and outdoor musicals, plays, pageants, music and dance concerts, music and theater arts festivals, motion pictures, museums and any other medium that presents, exists or may exist in the future.

1.2.2 To preserve and project the American Musical into the 21st Century and beyond by promoting the creation of new musicals and by producing classic and original Broadway-style musicals that reflect a positive and uplifting worldview.

1.2.3 To provide quality education that enlightens minds, inspires talent, develops abilities, promotes character, and preserves values for interested students in a technology oriented environment with an educational emphasis in the performing and fine arts including instruction in music, drama, dance, the visual arts and other art disciplines.

1.2.4 To act as an agent or representative of or in cooperation with any other corporation, association, committee or commission to promote any of the purposes and objectives herein set forth.

1.2.5 To do any and all such further acts authorized by law as may be necessary, convenient or expedient to accomplish the forgoing purposes or as are incidental thereto, as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

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